Covid-19 Info

Covid-19 Information

Greetings, we look forward to your return soon. We are currently in a very challenging business and economic environment because of the COVID-19 virus. Every guest should know that their comfort, health, and safety are our number one priority. We have put together a plan to keep our associates, guests, and our community of Branson safe. We have enhanced defined and detailed cleaning procedures set forth for each area of our hotel. We will continue to refine and update these as we get more advice from the preparedness experts as well as leaders from the medical community. 

We are closely monitoring advisories and updates regarding COVID-19 from the CDC as well as other healthcare organizations and will continue to make changes as necessary to our protocols and procedures.   We all need to work together to Stay Safe. We want to make sure you have a memorable stay with us. On behalf of all of our associates, we look forward to serving you again soon. 


Cathy Larson, AGM
Steve Scherer Vice Pres & Gm
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